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Internal (Stanford) Users

Registering with SSFF - information to gather:

A. Make sure to have your SUNet ID and password

B. Find your Stanford School of Medicine ID badge. You will need the first 6-7 digit number listed on the back of this ID badge.

C. Gather your PTA information. You will need the PTA as well as the PTA Project Manager Information.

D. Gather all biosafety information regarding any samples you would like to bring to the Facility.
NOTE: An APB is required for infectious or BSL-2 samples (includes recombinant virus treatment). An APB is NOT required for normal human tissues - these are covered by Universal Precautions.  A highlighted electronic copy of the APB will need to be sent to Highlight: researcher, section relevant to samples/biohazard, where FACS is listed as a location for BSL2 work, where sorting/analysis are specified as applications for the BSL2 samples in protocol

Next step - complete the registration instructions in the link below.


 View Registration Instructions


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